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03/2019 Meetings & Events

    June 2011
    Date Event Type
    June 26 SHRM 2011 Annual Conference & Exposition Conference
    October 2011
    Date Event Type
    October 5 SHRM Strategy Conference Conference
    October 24 SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2011
    Date Event Type
    November 8 Work-Life Focus 2012 and Beyond Conference
    May 2012
    Date Event Type
    May 9 Conducting Effective Internal Investigations Meeting
    June 2012
    Date Event Type
    June 13 Integrating Social Media into Organizations Meeting
    July 2012
    Date Event Type
    July 11 Ethics for HR Meeting
    August 2012
    Date Event Type
    August 8 Strategic Conversatons Skills for HR Professionals Meeting
    September 2012
    Date Event Type
    September 12 Healthcare Reform and Taxes Meeting
    October 2012
    Date Event Type
    October 10 Strategic Thinking for HR Professionals Meeting
    November 2012
    Date Event Type
    November 14 Managing Labor Relations Meeting
    December 2012
    Date Event Type
    December 12 Holiday Social-Strengthen Your Professional Development Meeting
    January 2013
    Date Event Type
    January 9 The State of the Economy Meeting
    February 2013
    Date Event Type
    February 13 Employment Law Update: Key Developments from 2012 & What to Expect in 2013 Meeting
    March 2013
    Date Event Type
    March 13 On-Boarding Meeting
    April 2013
    Date Event Type
    April 10 Bullying & Harassment Meeting
    January 2014
    Date Event Type
    January 8 Transforming HR with David Blake, PhD, SPHR, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for OSU Meeting
    March 2014
    Date Event Type
    March 12 Art Bobrowitz: Change Management and the Seven Needs for Personal Productivity Meeting
    May 2014
    Date Event Type
    May 14 Sue Theiss: Conflict Management and Mediation Meeting
    February 2016
    Date Event Type
    February 9 Bermuda Triangle of Accommodations Training
    March 2016
    Date Event Type
    March 9 Bermuda Triangle of Accommodations Training
    July 2016
    Date Event Type
    July 13 Preventing Workplace Violence Meeting
    November 2016
    Date Event Type
    November 1 Compensation Strategy-Preparing For FLSA Changes Meeting
    December 2016
    Date Event Type
    December 14 Leadership Secrets from Santa Claus Meeting
    March 2017
    Date Event Type
    March 8 Aging Workers Meeting
    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 10 MHRA January Membership Meeting - Leadership for All: Bystander & Upstander Meeting
    January 24 MHRA Networking - OSU SHRM Student Chapter Meeting
    February 2018
    Date Event Type
    February 14 MHRA February Membership Meeting - Employment Law in Transition (Legal Update) Meeting
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 14 MHRA March Membership Meeting - Discover Your Motivation Meeting
    March 22 Managing Impressions: Navigating the Workplace from a Race and Gender Perspective Training
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 11 MHRA April Membership Meeting Meeting
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 9 MHRA May Membership Meeting: We Are All Swimming Together (Emergency Risk Management) Meeting
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 13 MHRA June Membership Meeting - Crafting Meaningful Professional Development Plans Meeting
    July 2018
    Date Event Type
    July 11 MHRA July Membership Meeting - Identity Theft in the Workplace & its Impact Meeting
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 8 MHRA August Membership Meeting - Advanced Strategic HR Thinking Meeting
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 5 80th Annual NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow Conference
    September 12 MHRA September Membership Meeting - Oregon Pay Equity Meeting
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 5 2018 Oregon Strategic HR Conference Conference
    October 10 MHRA October Membership Meeting - Engage to Retain: Key Strategies for Retaining Your Organizations Top Talent Meeting
    October 25 #NotYouToo: Conducting Workplace Investigations in the Aftermath of #MeToo Training
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 9 32nd Annual OMA Fall Conference: Navigating Conflict — Theory, Tools & Tips Conference
    November 14 MHRA November Membership Meeting-Transgender Issues in the Workplace Meeting
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 7 Job Descriptions: A Modern Day Employers' Shopping List for Exceptional Employees Training
    December 12 Cancelled - MHRA December Membership Meeting-The HR Rockstar Meeting
    January 2019
    Date Event Type
    January 9 January Membership Meeting- Recognition and Response to Suicide Risk in the Workplace Meeting
    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 13 Mid-Valley SHRM February Membership Meeting - Legislative Updates Meeting
    February 27 Register Now for the 17th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference -- February 27, 2019 Conference
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 6 Mid-Valley SHRM - Night with an Author- Where the Action Is- Meetings That Make or Break Meeting
    March 13 Mid-Valley SHRM March Membership Meeting- NLRB Updates Meeting
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 10 Mid-Valley SHRM April Membership Meeting- Equal Pay Laws Meeting
    April 19 HR Fundamentals Meeting
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 8 Mid-Valley SHRM May Membership Meeting- Building A Happy Workplace Meeting
    October 2019
    Date Event Type
    October 9 81st Annual 2019 NHRMA Conference & Tradeshow Conference