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3rd Annual Oregon Strategic HR Conference

    October 24, 2017

    HR Leadershift: Navigating the journey from traditional/transactional to strategic HR.

    Approved for 7 Strategic-Business Recertification Credits!

    HR professionals have been coveting a seat at the strategic table for over a decade now. But what does this mean? What does a Strategic HR Leader do? Are you a strategic HR Leader?

    For the last few years, we have been asking the question: What distinctions differentiate Strategic HR? We have listed the answers of HR and Business leaders and four consistent themes have evolved

    This session will explore the following Strategic HR Distinctions:


    Strategic HR leaders are adept at developing key relationships with all stakeholders. Along with an expertise that awards credibility, these relationships ensure our acceptance as an integral member of the organizational planning and leadership team. 


    Strategic HR Leaders truly understand the business drivers and collaborate with our non-HR colleagues to deliver practical human capital solutions that are highly valued throughout the organization. 


    Strategic HR leaders are the ambassadors of organizational culture. We study neuroscience and apply psychological methodologies to ensure a work environment that fosters employee engagement and personal accountability. 


    Strategic HR Leaders challenge convention, look to the future and manage change. We utilize technology, social science principles, validated research findings and changing market trends to deliver proactive HR strategies. 


    Strategic HR Leaders analyze data to predict and measure outcomes. We quantify the human capital ROT and our impact on business metrics. 

    For more information click on the Flyer or see the testimonies below


    Please click HERE for a video preview which also includes live testimonials from conference attendees.  I have also included below additional testimonials from past conferences from around the country...


     We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise on VALUE-ADDED HR.  We received very favorable comments about your presentation style, content and the interactive delivery.   Our goal is to offer training that our members are able to directly apply in their Human Resource professions.  Your presentation definitely met this goal with valuable tools offered to the participants.   

    Nancy Nortman                                                                                                                                  PastChapter President - Rochester HR Association



    I have been raving about your presentation to anyone that will listen, my wife finally gave me that look that said "OK, enough already." I had so much fun plus the afternoon was amazingly helpful to me with my new person coming on board next Monday. I've hired a super star in an hourly paraprofessional position to learn the ropes and hopefully replace me when I retire, and I want to do things perfectly. She wants a mentor and is looking to me to fulfill that role and your afternoon session has given me such a great foundation to build our relationship on. If I'm gushing, I apologize, but I could not have met you and attended your strategic conference at a better time in my career. Thanks again for your ideas and insight,


    Bud Pierce

    IT Human Resources Coordinator at University of Nevada Las Vegas



    Your presentation was very thought provoking and hit home in several areas... I drove back to OKC without the radio or other distractions so I could use that time to think about how I can approach my role as Director of Employee Relations and HR Compliance differently, using concepts that you shared, and have a much greater impact on the Company... I am energized!


    This was one of the most relevant seminars I've attended in my 20+ HR years... That said, thank you...


    Lori Rose

    Employee Relations & HR Compliance Director - Enable Midstream -Oklahoma City 



    I wanted to thank you  for your energizing presentation you provided to us last week in Duluth.  Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session, along with the great interaction with us as attendees.  I enjoyed the variety of games, interaction, discussion, Did you know?  The variety kept my interest and I learned a lot.  Thank you again.


    Leann Wurtzel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

    Sr. HR Service Partner - Mayo Clinic Health System



    Sara was fantastic! I have to say this was an awesome day and worth every penny! I thought Sara was phenomenal and I walked away with tips I can implement immediately. I am planning to read more on neuroscience. Sara really stretched the way I think on everything from PIPs to how I spend my time at work, I’ve already read the book she gave each of us- Critical Leadershift – (she authored) that reinforced much of what she talked about. 


    She said she would be back next year and I am already looking forward to it.  Look forward to working with you again next year.


    Angela Kinna, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CLU

    HR Representative - State Farm Insurance Operations Center - Frederick, MD